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The people of Eupen are committed to providing creative solutions and pinpoint accuracy. Eupen is called on by the best in wireless to solve their toughest problems in their most challenging markets. Eupen's low loss cable, connectors and jumper assemblies are in a class of their own.



Common Hybrid Cables:

  • 5/8” cable – 1-2 fiber pairs, 1 conductor pair

  • 7/8” cable – 3-12 fiber pairs, 3 or 6 conductor pairs

  • 1-1/4” cable – 6-18 fiber pairs, 5-6 conductor pairs



  • Jacket - PE jacket for weather and UV Radiation protection.

  • Shield - Corrugated aluminum shield is welded (closed tube) and watertight to provide additional weather protection in case of damage to jacket.

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