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Sinclair Technologies 

In 1951 Dr. George Sinclair, a professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto, and Peter Yachimec, an associate and fellow engineer, formed Sinclair Radio Labs Ltd. in the basement of a dry goods store in Toronto. From the beginning, their vision was to design and manufacturer customized and standard radio equipment of superior quality and durability. Although the scope of products and target markets has expanded, the focus of the Company remains unchanged today.

Initially, there was a strong focus on products for military defense requirements. For example, Sinclair has supplied multicoupler equipment to Canadian, American, British and Dutch navies. Today our Sinclair product line is focused on commercial applications for the wireless world which includes products such as antennas, multicouplers, combiners, duplexers, isolators, mounting hardware and equipment shelters for remote commercial sites. We also provide a wide range of educational videos and customer focused seminars to support our product lines.

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