Astron Corporation

Since 1976, Astron Corporation has been a premier manufacturer of Linear Power Supplies. Made in the USA, their Linear Power Supplies have reliably served Commercial and HAM operators alike for over forty years.​  In 1980, Astron brought on a line of DC-DC converters. Their heavy-duty converters support an input voltage range of 24-72VDC and can be used anywhere from golf carts to heavy machinery.  They also added a new Isolated model to Their DC-DC line. The ISO models were primarily designed for use with Electric Forklifts and positive ground systems. ​ In 1996, Astron adopted Switching technology with its new line of Switching Power Supplies. Their Switching models are a great size efficient alternative to our Linear Power Supplies.​  Today, Astron is family owned and operated out of Irvine, California and distributes worldwide.

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