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PCTEL Antenna Products Group

PCTEL provides antennas and network testing solutions that help public safety organizations, regulatory agencies, and building owners meet the needs of modern public safety communications. They are a leading supplier of both mobile and in-building public safety antennas, including solutions designed specifically for FirstNet. Their antennas support public safety communications, including VHF, UHF, LTE, P25, TETRA, and Wi-Fi frequencies. PCTEL’s proprietary high rejection antenna technology ensures accurate network timing and location tracking by protecting the GPS or GNSS satellite link from interference. To meet strict vehicular performance and space requirements, they offer covert, rugged, and multi-band antenna designs, as well as vehicle-specific antenna layout design capabilities utilizing vehicle simulation and modeling. PCTEL’s scanning receivers enable testing of P25, TETRA, and cellular 3G/4G wireless networks. Their SeeHawk® Touch Public Safety Testing Solution makes it easier for building owners and regulatory agencies to verify public safety network coverage.

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